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We believe that fashion is fun, and even more so when it is paired with  trending accessories. We know how busy you are and hunting for stylish baubles at the right price never tops your To-Do list. That's exactly why we created Bling Bag! To help you put a full-stop to the endless online searches and mall visits and bring to you the latest trends in fashion accessories right at your doorstep, at the most affordable prices. Staying in trend has never been so easy! How? DIG IN...

Revamp Your Jewellery Closet

Sit back and relax, while our stylists navigate through the latest trends and curate our monthly, theme-based subscription collection! We know One style doesn't suit all! So worry not! Fill up a short Style Profile to tell us more about your preferences and we will hand-pick blings specially for your style statement. Experimenting with trends in your own style is now possible with our Monthly Subscription Plans. See? We told you it’s easy! 

Pick Your Fave Jewellery

We know how a few pieces from our collection match perfectly with the outfits you bought at your last shopping haul. Or one of those times when you absolutely can't live without those few baubles from our collection? Then be your own stylist and curate your very own Bling Bag by picking up your favourites from our exclusive Monthly collection.

Blings and More

Need that one perfect accessory to shine through your upcoming Party? Not a Subscription Box kinda person? Need some more bauble dope? Check out our hand-picked collection of exclusive accessories at the "Bling Boutique" and update your wardrobe with your personal picks one at a time. You're Welcome ladies! 

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