Top 5 Jewellery Trends to Follow In 2022

We all know that Fashion trends keep on changing with season and time. It happens every now and then, something new comes in and makes a style statement and a lot of them, never make it to the list. Here we are to tell you, the Top 5 jewellery trends you can follow to stay in style in 2022!

1) Layering/Stacking - This season, stackable jewellery is in for 2022, just like how we donned layered necklaces in 2021, this year it’s time to stack not only necklaces but also bracelets, bangles, rings. The idea behind this trend is the more chains or rings there are, the better. But if you are working with necklaces ensure that you have got pieces of varying length. I often work with a longer chain and then pair it with a shorter chain, mostly choker style to get graduating effect. Layering your necklace or pendant should be visible and it should enhance your outfit. Also, not to forget, stack rings, the ones in trend in 2021, have made it to the trending list in 2022 as well! So, keep stacking them on your fingers and keep rocking the trends!

Here are few jewellery recommendations from Bling Bag that you can use to layer chains.


2) Pearl - Pearls are something that can rarely be taken away from the trends. The white majestic look can simply not be replaced by any other material. They are back to claim their spot on the popularity charts again in 2022. We are already used to pearls not being just for special occasions, and know how to combine them with everyday jeans and regular T-shirts.


3) Evil Eye Jewellery - As evil eye jewellery made a mark in 2021, it will continue in 2022, the overall benefits of the evil eye bracelet are the belief that it protects the person wearing it from evil spirits and bad luck. Wearing this protective symbol for good fortune or as a protection from the power of the evil negative energy. Going beyond the purpose, this style of jewellery has been something unique and unusual that makes your personality stand apart from the crowd.


4) Contrast Jewellery - As we know contrasting jewellery can add so much to a basic outfit. If you are styling a basic white kurta or a basic saree, contrasting jewellery can add so much life to a boring or just an ordinary outfit. Here are few standard options to style with your basic outfit.


5) Mixing Metals - Mixed metals bring a strong look for your style in 2022! It used to be a quiet taboo to mix different metals but new year brings new fashion trends. Pairing a gold bangle with a silver ring might have once been considered a fashion faux pas, but mixing metals is now is in trend. When mixing different styles of metals, a good thumb rule is to aim for balance in the number of metal pieces you wear. You can wear gold and silver rings both in the same hand with a silver watch or a gold bangle.

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